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The Aventuro Rambler is the perfect companion for every big or small adventure. Whether on the off-road tour, the daily commute to work, a weekend trip or a round-the-world trip, in snow flurries, in the rain or scorching heat - the Aventuro Rambler offers the right thing for every use.

The Adventure helmet shines not only with its unique design, but also with features that provide maximum safety and comfort. Of course, the Aventuro Rambler meets all the safety standards that apply worldwide. Manufactured from fibreglass matrix proven a million times over. The Rambler also comes with a sun visor.

The most important features at a glance:
- Helmet shells in 3 sizes: XS-S, M-L, XL-3XL made of fibreglass for individual fit
- Intuitively operated sun visor
- 4 adjustable air inlets and 4 air outlets, easy to operate with gloves
- Inclination adjustable shield for best sun protection
- Windbreak at the chin (removable) provides the best possible comfort in cold or hot weather
- Aerodynamic design of the helmet and shield
- Best all-round visibility thanks to the visor size and thus higher active safety
- Integrated goggle strap guide
- Perfectly positioned cut-outs in the helmet for convenient mounting of all standard communication systems
- Super-fast, tool-free helmet conversion On-Road - Offroad - Travel
- 2 lateral and one upper head holder allow the individual attachment of accessories (Actioncams, Bluetooth, etc.)
- Emergency Straps for more safety
- Complies with ECE 2205 and DOT

The COOLMAX ™ inner padding is replaceable and washable. The reflective strips on the underside increase visibility in bad weather and at night. The Ergo Padding System allows the helmet to be optimally adjusted to the individual head shape of the wearer using several foam padding strips.

Perfect ventilation via 4 adjustable air inlets and 4 air outlets. Their effect is reinforced by optimised air channels made of EPS foam. The removable chin air protector and the off-road air inlet increase air supply during off-road travel.

In the chin area, flared forward, and around the helmet there is a soft rubber edging to prevent injuries to the sternum and collarbone. In the rear area it also serves as protection against dripping water.

The double D-ring allows the helmet to be closed individually, suitable for each head. The extra long chin strap provides more comfort, as the closure does not have to be opened every time the helmet is taken off, but the strap can simply be pulled over the tip of the nose. The helmet shield offers the best protection against dirt and sun at all times without ruining the aerodynamics of the helmet.

The Aventuro Rambler can be converted from one version to another in 2 minutes without tools. No matter if with helmet shield or without, with Enduro glasses or without.

Two lateral and one upper head mountings allow individual, tool-free attachment of accessories such as helmet cameras. Two specially developed side covers ensure quick and precise fitting of QuickStrap™ goggle straps. Special side covers of the visor ensure minimal noise pollution when used without a helmet shield.

The 3-dimensional moulded visor is scratch-resistant coated and is prepared for quick mounting of the enclosed Pinlock® visor. This combination effectively prevents fogging and ensures a clear view in all weather conditions. The visor can be folded down quickly and easily with a single hand movement, even with thick winter gloves. The SuperLock visor latch has a special anti-fog position, ideal for city traffic, and the Fast Shot quick lock enables visor replacement with just 2 clicks.

In addition to the double certification (ECE 2205 and DOT), the Emergency Strap System offers an extra degree of safety. The padding can be quickly removed by rescue teams and the helmet can be taken off without risk to the spine.

Scope of delivery:
1.    Helmet
a.    premounted shield extension
b.    premounted chin wind protection
c.    visor with protective foil
2.    1 piece Pinlock® inner visor
3.    1 piece overhead camera holding fixture
4.    1 pair QuickStrap holders
5.    1 pair side camera holders
6.    1 pair side covers for use without shield
7.    1 pack Ergo Padding System
8.    Helmet pouch with Touratech logo
9.    Visor / Accessory pouch with Touratech logo
10.    Instructions for use and guarantee manual

Weight small outer shell (XS-S): 1600 g "On-Road" + "Off-Road" (1750 g "Travel")
Weight middle outer shell (M-L): 1625 g "On-Road" + "Off-Road" (1775 g "Travel")
Weight large outer shell (XL-3XL): 1650 g "On-Road" + "Off-Road" (1800 g "Travel")

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